Centrum Janki Embarks on ESG Journey to Foster Environmental and Community Well-being

Centrum Janki: Leading the Charge on ESG Practices for Environmental and Community Welfare

In an era where sustainable practices and environmental consciousness are paramount, both consumers and businesses are increasingly prioritizing initiatives that contribute positively to society and the planet. Leveraging its strategic position, the real estate industry has emerged as a catalyst for impactful change through its adoption of Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance (ESG) principles.

A prime illustration of this commitment to holistic sustainability is evident in the endeavors undertaken by Centrum Janki, a prominent commercial hub renowned not only for its diverse retail offerings but also for its active engagement in community and environmental initiatives.

In Poland, there’s a noticeable shift in consumer behavior towards more responsible consumption patterns. Individuals are consciously opting for practices that minimize environmental impact, such as conserving water, utilizing public transportation, and selecting eco-friendly products.

Concurrently, businesses are aligning their organizational objectives with sustainable development goals, with ESG strategies taking precedence. According to recent data, 70 percent of real estate enterprises in 2022 prioritized ESG strategies, with goals focusing on emission reduction, improving health and well-being, and resource efficiency.

Centrum Janki, a prominent fixture in Masovia’s retail landscape, has long been at the forefront of sustainability efforts. Marta Grabska, Asset Manager at Cromwell Property Group, emphasizes the intrinsic value of operating in harmony with environmental principles.

She states, “Operating a shopping center in alignment with pro-environmental standards and effective energy management not only yields economic and environmental advantages but also enhances brand reputation and consumer satisfaction. This underscores our unwavering commitment to ESG strategies, reflecting our dedication to both our clientele and the environment.”

Janki Centre’s Environmental Commitment: Pioneering Sustainable Practices

In a concerted effort to champion environmental sustainability, the Janki Centre has undertaken a series of initiatives aimed at optimizing energy usage and reducing carbon emissions.

These measures stem from a comprehensive energy audit conducted within the premises, outlining strategic directives for subsequent years. Acting upon the audit’s recommendations, the center has transitioned its lighting systems to energy-efficient LEDs, managed through separate zones and scheduled operation via the DALI system. Furthermore, continuous optimization of cooling and heating devices has been prioritized to curtail energy consumption and minimize pollutant emissions.

Integral to its sustainable operations, the Janki Centre leverages a sophisticated building management system to efficiently oversee critical technical infrastructure from a centralized platform. Advanced features such as start/stop systems on travelators, warm air recovery mechanisms, and water-saving devices in restrooms further underscore the center’s commitment to eco-conscious practices. Recent additions include a water leak detection system, ensuring prompt notification of any irregularities in water usage.

These eco-initiatives, spearheaded by Cromwell Property Group Poland, signify the initial phases of a comprehensive investment plan aimed at drastically reducing CO2 emissions. Notably, tenants and customers are encouraged to participate in waste segregation efforts through designated bins for paper, glass, metals, and plastics. Moreover, the center offers EV charging stations, catering to the burgeoning demand for electric vehicles in Poland, which has surged from 12 percent to 42.4 percent over the last six years.

The tangible outcomes of these efforts are already evident, with a notable 12 percent reduction in water consumption and a corresponding 10 percent decrease in carbon dioxide emissions recorded. Further attesting to its commitment to sustainable construction and environmental stewardship, the Janki Centre proudly holds both BREEAM and GRESB certifications, emblematic of its adherence to stringent sustainability standards.

Janki Centre: Fostering Environmental Awareness and Community Engagement

At the forefront of environmental stewardship, the Janki Centre sets a precedent by not only implementing sustainable practices but also striving to cultivate a green ethos within its community. Last autumn marked the unveiling of the “Space for Climate” within the center, serving as an interactive hub for environmental education and engagement. Here, visitors encounter innovative features such as interactive boards, charging bicycles enabling mobile device charging through human power, an AI-powered smart bin for waste sorting, and a bottle dispenser.

Moreover, the Janki Centre underscores its commitment to environmental education through dedicated educational play zones introduced last year. These immersive spaces, including the multi-sensory “Jankowa Polana” room and an indoor playground, immerse children in the captivating world of flora and fauna, fostering curiosity and developmental growth. Complementing these initiatives are a series of complimentary workshops aimed at nurturing an eco-conscious lifestyle among the center’s patrons, particularly parents and children.

Covering a spectrum of topics ranging from environmental conservation to sensory exploration, artistic expression, culinary arts, and even dog therapy, these workshops serve as catalysts for community engagement and social cohesion.

Beyond environmental education, the Janki Centre’s workshop offerings extend to diverse areas, reflecting its dedication to holistic community enrichment. By actively participating in these educational and pro-social activities, visitors not only deepen their connection with the natural world but also contribute to the vibrant tapestry of the local community.

Janki Centre: Enhancing Customer Experience and Promoting Social Inclusion

Anna Paziewska, Director of the Janki Shopping Centre, Apsys Polska SA, underscores the center’s unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction and community well-being. Through a series of thoughtful initiatives, the Janki Centre endeavors to enrich the lives of its visitors and foster an inclusive environment for all.

Recognizing the diverse needs of its patrons, the Janki Centre has implemented various amenities and services aimed at enhancing convenience and comfort. Parental care facilities, including cozy rooms equipped with comfortable seating and changing tables, as well as dedicated zones for children within the restaurant area, cater to the needs of families, offering a tranquil environment for child care. Moreover, the center prioritizes accessibility and inclusivity, providing quiet hours for individuals sensitive to external stimuli and offering complimentary rental of noise-cancelling headphones, strollers, and wheelchairs.

The layout of the center ensures seamless navigation for parents with young children and individuals with disabilities, with the absence of escalators and the provision of ample travelators facilitating unrestricted movement throughout the premises. Spacious parking areas, featuring wide parking spaces and designated spots for bicycles, further enhance the accessibility of the center for all visitors.

Beyond its commitment to customer satisfaction, the Janki Centre demonstrates a holistic approach to environmental, social, and governance (ESG) initiatives. Apsys Polska SA, the center’s manager, upholds rigorous standards of general management, including the implementation of an anti-corruption policy and annual employee satisfaction surveys. Additionally, the company champions gender equality and inclusivity in the workplace, fostering a supportive environment that values diversity and promotes equal opportunities for all employees.

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