Retail Real Experts Gathered for Long-Awaited Offline Meeting at MAPIC Russia

In September 2020, amid the challenges posed by an unprecedented year, MAPIC Russia emerged as a beacon of hope for the retail real estate sector. Held in Moscow from September 16 to 18, 2020, this long-awaited offline event brought together industry professionals and experts eager to navigate the new normal.

The year 2020 presented unparalleled challenges to global and local markets alike, prompting a swift and comprehensive reassessment of business processes.

With factors, forecasts, and tools rapidly evolving, a fresh perspective was needed to navigate the shifting landscape effectively. MAPIC Russia 2020 served as a vital platform for industry stakeholders to engage in discussions surrounding emerging trends and strategies essential for weathering the crisis.

From agile consumer and partner interaction tactics to innovative management approaches and sustainable technologies, attendees explored a myriad of topics aimed at adaptation and resilience.

At MAPIC Russia 2020, Chapman Taylor took center stage, showcasing their extensive portfolio and unveiling innovative architectural solutions tailored for shopping centers. Meanwhile, Corporation A.N.D. made a significant presence, introducing a plethora of brands including SAFMAR.Skolkovo, TEC ORBION, TEC Kaleidoscope, TEC Festival, TEC Kaluzhsky, TDK Smolensky Passage, and MFC Smolensky Passage 2, along with TC Petrovsky.

Visitors to the TASHIR group of companies’ stand were treated to a display of cutting-edge solutions for both commercial and residential real estate.

Garant-Invest left a lasting impression by presenting forward-thinking concepts for high-class shopping centers with multifunctional capabilities. Knight Frank, on the other hand, offered comprehensive consulting services, covering everything from market research and project conceptualization to property investment sales.

The shopping and entertainment complex “Red Kit” captivated attendees with its showcase of three apartment towers and a multi-level indoor parking facility.

Moreover, visitors had the opportunity to explore the latest advancements in anti-theft technology and visitor counting systems at the “ANTIvor” company stand. Lenta unveiled its visionary retail network concept, while representatives from TEC YuGRAMall engaged in discussions with visitors about potential collaboration opportunities, while also sharing updates and anti-crisis strategies.

MAPIC Russia 2020 served as a dynamic platform for industry leaders and innovators to connect, exchange ideas, and explore the future of retail and real estate development.

At MAPIC Russia 2020, attendees were treated to a showcase of the latest advancements, projects, and achievements from over 50 exhibitors spanning various sectors including trade, real estate, development, consulting, construction, architecture, IT and e-commerce, marketing, and logistics. The exhibition floor buzzed with activity as industry leaders and innovators converged to share insights and explore emerging trends shaping the retail landscape.

Prominent exhibitors at MAPIC Russia 2020 included DNS, Knight Frank, Watcom, DYSON, Chapman Taylor, BigDecor, TASHIR, A.N.D., FPK “Garant-Invest”, Lenta, Malysheva 73 Society, Shopping centre “Krasny Kit”, GRINN Corporation, MALL. Expertise & Consulting, Shopping centre UGRAMall, ANTIvor, and many others. These companies presented cutting-edge solutions, innovative technologies, and transformative projects that are reshaping the retail and real estate industries.

The event received unwavering support from the Russian Council of Shopping Centers, further underscoring its significance within the industry. Serving as the technical partner was MediaSystem Group, while Watcom acted as the analytical partner, contributing to the event’s success and providing invaluable insights into market trends and dynamics. MAPIC Russia 2020 served as a dynamic platform for networking, collaboration, and knowledge exchange, fostering innovation and driving the future of retail and real estate development in Russia and beyond.

The retail real estate conference “The Art of Adaptation” held at MAPIC Russia 2020 featured a comprehensive business program designed to address the challenges and opportunities facing the industry amidst the crisis and post-crisis realities. With over 50 authoritative speakers, including heads of leading shopping and entertainment centers, retail executives, management companies, landlords, tenants, and consulting leaders, the conference provided invaluable insights into navigating the evolving landscape of retail real estate.

The conference sessions delved into various aspects of adaptation, with a particular focus on the blurred boundaries between online and offline retailing. Speakers discussed strategies for optimizing delivery processes amidst surging online orders, leveraging shopping center websites as effective communication tools, and integrating online and offline channels to enhance the shopping experience for consumers.

Another key session explored the role of retailing in business centers and multifunctional complexes, with experts sharing their experiences and insights into maintaining high-quality tenant pools, attracting tenants to business centers, and optimizing retail offerings in multifunctional projects.

The conference also addressed the imperative for shopping centers to reinvent themselves in response to changing consumer preferences and market dynamics. Sessions on reconception, renovation, and renewal emphasized the need for strategic planning and risk management in implementing transformational initiatives, with experts sharing valuable tips, case studies, and best practices.

Overall, the conference provided a platform for industry stakeholders to exchange ideas, share expertise, and explore innovative strategies for adapting to the evolving retail landscape, ensuring resilience, and driving growth in the face of unprecedented challenges.

The second series of meetings with industry experts kicked off on September 17, 2020, with the thought-provoking session titled “As Green as Grass,” which delved into the realm of conscious consumption and eco-friendly initiatives.

Topics explored within this session included the importance of conscious consumption and its alignment with personal values, the promotion of health through online and offline sports activities within shopping centers, and case studies demonstrating successful eco-initiatives aimed at fostering customer loyalty.

Following this, the “Marketing Storm” session tackled emerging trends in consumer behavior and effective strategies for building sincere and engaging dialogues with customers. Discussions revolved around the evolving patterns of customer behavior, the significance of authenticity in marketing communications, and exemplary cases of social media marketing strategies.

The seventh conference session, “Three Men in a Boat: Tenant, Landlord, Bank,” focused on navigating the intricacies of lease negotiations, particularly in light of Bill No. 953580-7, ensuring equitable agreements for all parties involved.

The program concluded with a session spotlighting the growing importance of Russian regions in the retail landscape. Speakers shed light on the evolving role of regional markets as strategic partners, emphasizing the unique opportunities and resources available outside of major urban centers.

Additionally, exclusive offline meetings and negotiations were facilitated within the MAPIC Russia Retailers’ Club VIP-zone, providing participants with a dedicated space for high-level discussions and networking opportunities.

To enhance the overall experience, a personalized business assistant was available to help attendees optimize their schedules, access relevant information about exhibitors and products, and receive tailored recommendations.

Despite the challenges posed by the pandemic, MAPIC Russia 2020 emerged as a platform for insightful discussions, innovative strategies, and meaningful connections, paving the way for a more sincere, progressive, and adaptive retail landscape. As participants departed with valuable insights and plans for the future, anticipation grew for the next edition scheduled for June 8-10, 2021.

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