First Cohort Unveiled for MIPIM 2024 Challengers Program

Introducing the First Cohort of MIPIM Challengers for MIPIM 2024

MIPIM, renowned as the global urban festival that convenes the foremost figures from various sectors of the international property industry annually in Cannes, has unveiled the inaugural cohort of MIPIM Challengers. This pioneering initiative aims to empower young professionals in the built environment to challenge and contribute innovative solutions to the real estate sector’s most pressing challenges.

The cohort comprises 16 dynamic real estate professionals under the age of 30, selected to partake in the complete event program at MIPIM 2024. These Challengers will advocate for fresh perspectives and approaches to address critical issues confronting global urban development.

The selection process involved evaluating over 150 essays from 20 countries, with submissions reflecting diverse geographical perspectives, including entries from Mauritius, South Africa, and the USA, alongside predominant participation from Western Europe. Each essay underwent meticulous assessment based on criteria such as originality, depth of understanding, critical thinking, and global outlook, by a panel of esteemed judges including Nicolas Kozubek, MIPIM Director; Muyiwa OKI, President of RIBA; and Annette Kröger, CEO Europe at PIMCO Prime Real Estate.

During MIPIM 2024, the Challengers will engage in a comprehensive itinerary featuring events, discussions, panels, and networking opportunities. A highlight of the program will be a workshop session led by UNESCO Ambassador Guila Clara Kessous, followed by a pitch session where the Challengers will present their innovative ideas to a panel comprising senior leaders in property development and investment.

Building upon the resounding success of the 2023 edition, which attracted over 22,000 delegates from 90 countries and showcased €4 trillion worth of assets, MIPIM 2024 promises to further elevate the discourse surrounding urban development and real estate innovation on a global scale.

Introducing the MIPIM Challengers Program

MIPIM, the leading global real estate event, is proud to launch the MIPIM Challengers program, aimed at empowering young professionals in the built environment sector. This initiative offers a unique opportunity for individuals under the age of 30 to participate in MIPIM 2024 and contribute their innovative ideas to the real estate industry.

Eligibility and Benefits

To be eligible for the MIPIM Challengers program, participants must be employed in the built environment sector and meet the age requirement, ensuring that they bring fresh perspectives and insights to the table. Importantly, individuals who have not attended any previous editions of MIPIM are encouraged to apply, fostering diversity and inclusion within the program.

Selected MIPIM Challengers will receive a delegate pass and accommodation for the duration of the three-day event in Cannes, providing them with unparalleled access to networking opportunities and industry insights.

Exclusive Opportunities

During MIPIM 2024, the selected Challengers will participate in various exclusive activities designed to enhance their experience and maximize their impact. This includes a high-level roundtable discussion moderated by MIPIM Challengers patron UNESCO Ambassador Guila Clara Kessous, providing a platform for meaningful dialogue and idea exchange.

Additionally, Challengers will engage in a diversity workshop aimed at promoting inclusivity and representation within the real estate sector. One of the highlights of the program is an exclusive pitching session, where participants will have the opportunity to present their innovative ideas directly to leaders of the industry’s biggest companies, garnering invaluable feedback and visibility.

Building a Lasting Network

The MIPIM Challengers program is not just a one-time event but the beginning of a lifelong journey. The 2024 cohort will form the inaugural MIPIM Challengers Network, a dynamic forum for ongoing collaboration, connection-building, and mentorship opportunities. Through this network, Challengers will stay in touch, share experiences, and support future generations of young professionals in the built environment sector.

As MIPIM continues to champion innovation and excellence in real estate, the MIPIM Challengers program represents a key initiative in nurturing the next generation of leaders and change-makers in the industry.

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