Studio Moren Secures Planning Permission for Expansion of Holiday Inn Express Southwark in London, UK

Studio Moren, a distinguished architectural firm, has received approval for a prestigious seven-storey extension project at the renowned Holiday Inn Express Southwark in London. This development marks the third collaboration between Studio Moren and the Holiday Inn Express Southwark property, signaling a continued partnership in elevating hospitality offerings in the heart of London.

The extension project is poised to enhance the hotel’s capacity to accommodate guests while introducing an array of new amenities, including additional food and beverage facilities. With a focus on addressing growing demand and enhancing guest experience, the project will add 35 new rooms to the hotel, surpassing initial feasibility studies which suggested a capacity increase of 11 rooms. Upon completion, the hotel’s room count will reach a total of 184, reaffirming its status as a premier destination for travelers in London.

Building upon their previous collaborations in 2011 and 2015, Studio Moren remains committed to delivering innovative and sustainable design solutions. Notably, earlier extensions prioritized accessible and inclusive design elements, aligning with the hotel’s commitment to catering to diverse guest needs. Additionally, sustainability initiatives, such as rainwater harvesting systems and green/living walls, were introduced to minimize the building’s carbon footprint and enhance environmental sustainability.

The new extension has been meticulously designed to achieve a coveted BREEAM Excellent rating, leveraging cutting-edge technologies and sustainable practices. Features such as solar panels, extensive green roofs, and ground-level planters not only contribute to the hotel’s environmental performance but also enhance its aesthetic appeal and integration with the surrounding urban landscape.

Paul Wells, Partner at Studio Moren, expressed his enthusiasm for the project’s progression, highlighting the firm’s longstanding partnership with RBH Management, the hotel’s operator. “The growth of the Holiday Inn Express Southwark over the years is a testimony to the success of our clients, RBH Management, and a matter of pride to us,” remarked Wells. He emphasized the project’s strategic approach to maximizing room count and footprint while introducing innovative design elements to enrich guest experience.

RBH Management’s Chief Technical Officer, Gregor MacNaughton, echoed Wells’ sentiments, emphasizing the collaborative nature of the project and RBH’s commitment to delivering exceptional hospitality experiences. “Capital projects are a significant part of our business, so it’s great to be able to work with our established partners to deliver for our hotel owners,” stated MacNaughton, underscoring the importance of strategic partnerships in achieving project success.

The architectural design of the extension embodies a seamless integration with the existing hotel structure, characterized by a contemporary aesthetic and thoughtful urban planning principles. A homogeneous building approach, characterized by extending the grid pattern and incorporating a modern dark grey tiled mansard on the sixth floor, ensures architectural coherence and visual harmony with the surrounding urban context.

In conclusion, Studio Moren’s collaboration with Holiday Inn Express Southwark exemplifies a commitment to excellence, innovation, and sustainability in hospitality design. Through meticulous planning, innovative design solutions, and strategic partnerships, the extension project promises to elevate the guest experience and contribute to the vibrancy of London’s hospitality landscape for years to come.

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