Round Hill Capital Finalizes Sale of Nido Living to CPP Investments

In a groundbreaking transaction that heralds a new era in European student accommodation, Round Hill Capital has officially sealed the sale of its prestigious Nido Living business to Canada Pension Plan Investment Board (CPP Investments). This landmark deal, coupled with the divestment of Round Hill Capital’s stake in the existing student accommodation joint venture with CPP Investments, encompasses a vast portfolio comprising over 5,000 beds across 15 premier assets strategically positioned throughout Europe.

This momentous transaction serves as a testament to Round Hill Capital’s strategic foresight and unwavering commitment to driving value creation in the dynamic real estate landscape. Since its acquisition of Nido Living in 2012, Round Hill Capital has been at the forefront of shaping the European student accommodation sector, nurturing Nido Living into a veritable powerhouse within the industry. Through a steadfast dedication to excellence and innovation, Nido Living has emerged as a leading provider of purpose-built student accommodation, overseeing the management and development of an expansive portfolio comprising over 18,000 beds across the UK and Europe. The brand’s unwavering focus on delivering a superior resident experience has earned it widespread acclaim, with accolades from esteemed organizations such as the Global Student Living Index, PIEoneer, Property Week, and The Class Foundation, underscoring its position as a trailblazer in student housing operations.

Reflecting on the transformative journey of Nido Living under Round Hill’s stewardship, Michael Bickford, CEO, and Founder of Round Hill Capital, expressed profound pride in the business’s evolution over the past decade. “Since our acquisition of Nido in 2012, the business has undergone remarkable growth, evolving from three assets in the UK to a formidable portfolio encompassing over 18,000 student beds across the UK and Europe,” remarked Bickford. “This divestment stands as a testament to the intrinsic value we have meticulously nurtured within this award-winning enterprise over the past decade,” he added. “As an investment manager committed to driving value creation, Round Hill Capital remains steadfast in its belief in the enduring potential of the student and residential sectors, integral components of our future investment endeavors,” Bickford emphasized.

The strategic sale of Nido Living to CPP Investments represents a watershed moment in the European real estate landscape, positioning Round Hill Capital as a visionary leader poised to unlock value and seize emerging opportunities within the sector. With a resolute commitment to excellence and innovation, Round Hill Capital stands ready to chart the course for the future of European student accommodation, continuing to deliver exceptional value and unparalleled resident experiences in the ever-evolving real estate market.

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