Archaeological Exploration Commences for €526.5m Coventry Redevelopment Project

The Hill Group, in collaboration with its commercial specialist partner Shearer Property Group (SGP), has initiated archaeological investigations as a precursor to the inaugural phase of development for City Centre South, a transformative €526.5m regeneration initiative set to redefine Coventry’s urban landscape. These preliminary excavations are pivotal in comprehensively understanding, documenting, and preserving the site’s rich heritage before commencing construction activities.

Under the auspices of Cotswold Archaeology, teams have commenced surveys on-site in Coventry to delineate the historic city wall’s alignment and unearth any other archaeological vestiges. This meticulous excavation endeavor is projected to span seven to eight weeks and entails the excavation of 23 trial trenches of varying dimensions and depths. In the event of uncovering significant artifacts or remnants, stringent protocols are in place to meticulously document, safeguard, and subject them to further investigation. Collaborative efforts between Hill, SGP, Coventry City Council, and West Midlands Police are ensuring the implementation of emergency protocols to address potential discoveries of unexploded ordnance from World War II.

Andy Fancy, Managing Director at The Hill Group, underscored the commitment to executing archaeological investigations with utmost safety and sensitivity, emphasizing the imperative of safeguarding historical findings preceding construction. “These archaeological works represent a routine yet critical aspect of the development process, integral to preserving Coventry’s rich historical legacy,” remarked Fancy.

Councillor Jim O’Boyle, Cabinet Member for Jobs, Regeneration, and Climate Change at Coventry City Council, lauded the commencement of archaeological endeavors as a significant milestone in the City Centre South project. “This meticulous mapping and recording exercise mark the initiation of tangible on-site activities, setting the stage for the project’s future phases,” expressed O’Boyle.

City Centre South’s inaugural phase encompasses the development of nearly 1,000 residences, including 200 affordable homes. Designed by Allies and Morrison, the project draws inspiration from Coventry’s cultural heritage, integrating retail establishments, commercial spaces, and expansive public domains. Situated within a convenient five-minute walk from Coventry train station, the development constitutes a pivotal component of the city’s overarching regeneration masterplan.

Construction activities for City Centre South are slated to commence in autumn, with the first residences anticipated to be finalized by early 2027.

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