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European Logistics Investment (ELI), in collaboration with its strategic partner Panattoni, a leading developer of industrial real estate in Europe, is set to lease additional warehouse space. The facility, Panattoni Park Ruda Śląska II, will provide nearly 57,000 square meters of space, out of which almost 45,000 square meters have already been leased to tenants Dywidag and LATEX Opony Inc.

ELI, owned by Madison International Realty, Redefine Properties, and Griffin Real Estate, is effectively pursuing its objectives through fruitful cooperation with Panattoni. ELI encompasses sixteen logistics parks spanning nearly 480,000 square meters in key logistics hubs across Poland, including Warsaw, Łódź, Kraków, and Upper Silesia, where Panattoni Park Ruda Śląska II is currently under development.

Out of the total space available, 45,000 square meters will be allocated to two tenants, LATEX Opony Inc and Dywidag. LATEX Opony, a leading player in the tyre and rim distribution sector, has already moved into the facility, occupying 21,000 square meters in the first building currently under construction.

This new location serves as the company’s primary warehouse in Silesia. The premises have been meticulously secured and customized for tyre storage, with enhanced fire resistance measures and additional sprinkler systems installed throughout the facility.

Dywidag, another prominent tenant, is slated to occupy the entire second building within the park by the year’s end, encompassing an area of 24,000 square meters. In this space, Dywidag will engage in the production of geotechnical systems and compression systems, with an additional 1,400 square meters allocated for office and social purposes.

Panattoni, in collaboration with Dywidag, will tailor 22,500 square meters specifically for production, ensuring the facility is equipped with state-of-the-art technology and specialized workstations. Both projects, catering to Dywidag and LATEX Opony Inc., are designed to meet the stringent criteria for BREEAM certification at the Very Good level.

Robert Dobrzycki, CEO of Panattoni, expressed his enthusiasm for the collaboration with ELI, highlighting their shared vision to establish a leading logistics platform in Europe.

Recognizing the strategic importance of Upper Silesia, Dobrzycki emphasized the region’s robust business environment, bolstered by its sizable and densely populated province.

Upper Silesia’s appeal is evident not only to Panattoni but also to the wider market, with a substantial leasing volume of 145,000 square meters in the first quarter of the year alone.

On a national scale, Silesia accounted for 19 percent of the country’s lease volume and boasted 560,000 square meters of space under construction, trailing only behind the Warsaw market. Dobrzycki concluded by affirming Panattoni’s commitment to expanding its operations in Upper Silesia, laying a solid foundation for the long-term development vision of the ELI platform.

Hubert Rossa, Senior Vice President Investments at Griffin Real Estate, emphasized the robust foundation and immense growth potential of Poland’s logistics real estate market. Leveraging the country’s strategic geographical location, expansive size, and continuously improving transport infrastructure, Rossa highlighted the opportunities for expansion within the sector.

Alongside co-investors Madison and Redefine, Griffin Real Estate is capitalizing on these advantages, continuously expanding the European Logistics Investment (ELI) platform.

ELI stands out as a leading player in the Polish logistics sector, boasting a portfolio characterized by high-quality, large-scale warehouses strategically located in key distribution centers across Poland, including Warsaw, Upper Silesia, Łódź, and Kraków. Through strategic cooperation with Panattoni, ELI is further enhancing its portfolio with notable locations such as Panattoni Park Ruda Śląska II.

Rossa expressed satisfaction with the strong demand for ELI’s warehouse spaces, citing it as validation of their successful business model. As ELI continues to strengthen its foothold in Poland’s logistics landscape, Rossa reiterated the platform’s commitment to providing top-tier logistics solutions to meet the evolving needs of tenants and partners alike.

Tenants of Panattoni Park Ruda Śląska II are poised to benefit from its prime location, strategically positioned to offer exceptional accessibility and convenience.

Situated a mere 2 kilometers from the facility, the DTŚ route (Drogowa Trasa Średnicowa) provides direct connectivity to the region’s major agglomerations, along with access to the pivotal A1 motorway, serving as a vital conduit between southern and northern Poland.

This accessibility extends internationally, facilitated by the close proximity to the Czech and Slovak borders, enabling seamless cross-border operations, exemplified by LATEX Opony Inc.

Furthermore, the park enjoys proximity to the A4 motorway, which, upon extension, provides a direct link to Berlin, one of Europe’s foremost logistics hubs. Such connectivity not only enhances regional accessibility but also facilitates international trade and commerce, underscoring the strategic significance of Panattoni Park Ruda Śląska II’s location.

Comprising two A-class warehouse buildings spanning 57,000 square meters, the facility caters to diverse industry needs with its flexible design and layout options. Clients have the flexibility to customize warehouse and office modules according to their specific requirements, ensuring optimal utilization of space for storage and light production purposes.

Additionally, the park boasts ample maneuvering areas, zero gates, and energy-efficient LED lighting, enhancing operational efficiency and sustainability practices.

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