Entalpia Europe Establishes Presence at Hillwood Łazy: A Strategic Expansion Move

Entalpia Europe, a prominent provider of HVAC-R solutions, has marked a significant milestone by becoming the inaugural tenant of the Hillwood Łazy logistics center. The company has secured a lease for 14,000 square meters of warehouse space and an additional 1,200 square meters for office operations, with plans to commence activities at the facility in the third quarter of 2024.

Established in the Polish market since 2016, Entalpia Europe boasts a diverse portfolio of products ranging from refrigerants to installation accessories for HVAC systems. Noteworthy offerings include the ENTAsplit series insulated copper refrigeration pipes and the 3E (Entalpia Europe Energy) brand heat pumps. With its main sales office located in Warsaw and a production facility in Sieradz, Entalpia Europe has been steadily expanding its presence across Europe since 2020 as part of the international ICOOL Group.

A Strategic Alliance: Entalpia Europe Chooses Hillwood Łazy for Expansion

The Hillwood Łazy logistics center, spanning over 47,470 square meters, emerges as the ideal choice for Entalpia Europe’s expansion endeavors. Strategically situated just 22 kilometers from the center of Warsaw, the center offers unparalleled connectivity, with direct access to national road No. 7 (Al. Krakowska), expressway S7, Warsaw’s southern ring road (S2), and the A2 highway.

Przemysław Matusiak, Managing Director of Entalpia Europe, expresses enthusiasm for the partnership with Hillwood Łazy, stating, “Leasing space in the Hillwood Łazy logistics park perfectly aligns with Entalpia Europe’s expansion goals, enabling us to enhance our logistics capabilities and better serve our customers. Hillwood’s commitment to quality makes it an ideal partner for our operations. We look forward to leveraging this partnership for mutual growth and success.”

Tailored Solutions for Operational Excellence

At the Hillwood Łazy warehouse center, Entalpia Europe will orchestrate pivotal activities related to production, storage, and logistics. The warehouse space will be meticulously tailored to accommodate the company’s operational requirements, with plans underway for a two-story, representative office spanning over 1,200 square meters.

Wojciech Dachniewski, Business Development Director of Hillwood Poland, underscores the commitment to customization and client satisfaction, stating, “We are pleased that Entalpia Europe has chosen our new logistics park in Łazy near Warsaw for its logistics operations. The Hillwood team will strive to customize the space to suit the client’s needs. Hillwood Łazy’s strategic location near the capital and major transportation arteries, along with its proximity to public transportation, ensures convenient access for future employees.”

Investment in Infrastructure: Enhancing Accessibility and Safety

As part of its investment in Łazy, Hillwood has undertaken substantial improvements to the local road infrastructure, fully financed by its own funds. The comprehensive road works encompassed reconstruction, modernization, installation of lighting, and construction of pedestrian crossings, significantly enhancing safety and comfort for users and nearby residents.

Entalpia Europe’s leasing process was facilitated by the consulting firm Colliers, with Katarzyna Madej, Associate Director in the Logistics and Industrial Space Department at Colliers, emphasizing the collaborative effort in meeting the company’s space and office centralization needs. Madej commended Hillwood Poland’s flexibility and openness, underscoring their pivotal role in efficiently meeting Entalpia Europe’s requirements.

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