Revitalizing Empty Spaces: Bespoke Habitat Transforms Vacant Units into Short-Term Family Accommodation

Bespoke Habitat: Transforming Living Spaces for Short-Term Comfort in Singapore

Singapore-based co-living startup, Bespoke Habitat, is revolutionizing the accommodation landscape by offering customizable and affordable short-term living solutions tailored for residents with families.

Amidst the escalating demands in the rental and construction sectors in Singapore, a growing number of residents with families find themselves in need of short-term accommodation.

This demand is fueled by factors such as construction delays in newly purchased properties or the ongoing choice to rent due to soaring property prices.

In response to this need, Bespoke Habitat took the initiative to convert eight vacant units in a building at 64C Telok Kurau into Short-Term Accommodation Services (STAS) within a remarkably swift four-month timeframe.

Ernee Ong, co-founder of Bespoke Habitat, revealed that the startup also caters to companies requiring service apartments for employees on short-term assignments, serving approximately 1,500 tenants from multinational corporations.

Ong emphasized the scarcity of easily accessible short-term stay options in the current market, highlighting the unique niche that Bespoke Habitat fills for those seeking flexible and affordable living solutions.

STAS by Bespoke Habitat is not limited to Singapore residents; it also appeals to foreigners seeking temporary residence in Singapore, especially those desiring to bring their families along for the duration of their travels.

The range of units offered includes two to three-bedroom options and penthouses, spanning from 1,000 to 1,600 square feet. Prices for these units range from $4,500 to $7,500 (US$3,330 – US$5,550).

Providing flexibility, STAS offers residents the choice between a bare unit or a fully furnished one. Fully furnished units boast spacious living rooms, fully-equipped kitchens, private bedrooms, high-speed Wi-Fi, and laundry facilities. Some units even feature additional amenities such as a study area, a terrace with a pool, and a dining area.

To enhance the living experience, Bespoke Habitat goes the extra mile by offering rented sofas, adding a touch of comfort and vibrancy to the living spaces.

The innovative approach of Bespoke Habitat is not only meeting the immediate needs of residents in Singapore but is also carving a niche for itself in the broader market, offering an enticing blend of flexibility and affordability for short-term accommodations.

Bespoke Habitat’s Customizable Living Experience: Beyond Short-Term Accommodations

In its commitment to providing a truly bespoke living experience, Bespoke Habitat introduces customizability as a cornerstone feature for families seeking short-term accommodations.

Ernee Ong, co-founder of Bespoke Habitat, reveals that for families arriving with only their luggage, the startup offers a range of rental options including beds, tables, chairs, and other furniture, tailoring each unit to meet the unique needs and preferences of its residents.

Adding to the appeal of Bespoke Habitat’s offerings are the convenience-driven in-house services such as Bespoke CleanPro and BH Aircon Solutions.

These services not only enhance the overall living experience but also contribute to the startup’s commitment to providing comprehensive solutions for its tenants.

A noteworthy feature is the user-friendly app developed by Bespoke Habitat, empowering tenants and property owners alike.

Through the app, users can seamlessly monitor the last service or cleaning status of their respective units.

Additionally, residents can leverage the app to schedule cleaning services, request maintenance, and access a variety of other services, enhancing the overall convenience and efficiency of their living arrangements.

This focus on customizability, coupled with innovative in-house services and a user-centric app, positions Bespoke Habitat as a pioneer in redefining the short-term accommodation landscape.

By offering a personalized and tech-driven living experience, Bespoke Habitat continues to set itself apart as a forward-thinking co-living solution provider in the vibrant real estate market of Singapore.

Expanding Horizons: Bespoke Habitat’s Vision for Future Short-Term Accommodation Locations

Bespoke Habitat’s Short-Term Accommodation Services (STAS) made its debut on the eastern side of Singapore, strategically positioned in close proximity to Marine Parade, shopping malls, and the bustling corporations in Changi Business Park.

However, the co-living startup has ambitious plans to extend the reach of its STAS to the western part of the city-state.

Ernee Ong, co-founder of Bespoke Habitat, sheds light on the rationale behind this expansion, citing strong connections and relationships in the western part of Singapore.

Ong emphasizes that a significant portion, approximately 65%, of their co-living segment resides in the western region. These relationships have been cultivated within the community, involving school clients and various engagements.

As the demand for affordable short-term accommodation services continues to grow, Bespoke Habitat employs a strategic business model to ensure sustainability.

Ong explains that the company operates on a win-win basis, utilizing a performance-based model.

In this approach, the management fee charged by Bespoke Habitat is calculated as a percentage of the value it contributes to the landlords, ensuring alignment of interests and mutual benefit.

Bespoke Habitat’s vision for expanding its STAS to the western part of Singapore not only caters to the existing demand but also reflects the startup’s commitment to fostering community relationships and delivering affordable yet high-quality living solutions across diverse regions of the city-state.

As the co-living landscape evolves, Bespoke Habitat continues to position itself as a dynamic player with an eye on the future of short-term accommodations.

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