Recent Completion: Panattoni Park Steenwijk Marks its Final Phase

Panattoni Park Steenwijk: A Sustainable Milestone in Dutch Architecture and Development

Panattoni Park Steenwijk, a cutting-edge multifunctional facility spanning approximately 34,000 square meters, commemorated a significant milestone in its construction journey with the driving of the final pile.

Situated in Eeserwold, Panattoni Park Steenwijk epitomizes sustainability and innovation, adhering to the rigorous BREEAM-NL Very Good standard. Boasting a clear height of 12.20 meters and a super-flat floor, the facility is designed to meet the highest industry standards for functionality and efficiency. With earthwork and pile driving now complete, construction is poised to commence imminently, heralding a new phase in the project’s development.

One of the distinguishing features of Panattoni Park Steenwijk is its commitment to environmental stewardship and biodiversity conservation. The facility will encompass extensive green areas, fostering local biodiversity and promoting ecological balance. Scheduled for completion in the first quarter of 2025, the project represents a testament to Panattoni’s dedication to delivering sustainable, state-of-the-art warehousing solutions that align with the evolving needs of businesses and communities.

Bram Harmsma, Alderman at the Municipality of Steenwijkerland, emphasizes the seamless integration of Panattoni Park Steenwijk within the municipality’s sustainable area development vision. Collaborating closely with developer Panattoni, landscape architects, and ecologists, extensive research has been undertaken to ensure optimal integration of the building into the natural landscape.

As a result of this concerted effort, the project incorporates various eco-friendly features, such as ponds serving as water reservoirs, enriched with aquatic plants sourced from the adjacent Eesermeer. Moreover, the project encompasses a diverse array of plant species carefully selected to attract insects and provide habitat for local fauna. This collaborative approach underscores the commitment to sustainable development and ecological preservation in Steenwijkerland.

Promoting Wellness and Sustainability: The Panattoni Park Steenwijk Initiative

Melanie Moolman, Technical Director at Panattoni, sheds light on an innovative approach to workplace well-being and sustainability with the Panattoni Park Steenwijk project. Recognizing the sedentary lifestyle prevalent among the Dutch population in 2024, the development incorporates elements aimed at promoting physical activity and connecting with nature.

The expansive green surroundings and the adjacent 4.4-hectare Eesermeer provide an inviting setting for leisurely walks and outdoor activities during breaks, fostering a culture of movement and rejuvenation among occupants.

To further encourage active transportation, the site features secure bicycle storage facilities and onsite showers, facilitating employees’ cycling commutes and promoting environmentally-friendly modes of travel. By integrating these amenities, Panattoni aims to cultivate a workplace environment that prioritizes employee health and well-being, recognizing the tangible benefits of regular exercise and outdoor engagement.

The design of Panattoni Park Steenwijk and its surrounding landscape has been meticulously crafted through collaboration with key stakeholders, including the Municipality of Steenwijkerland, area developer Roelofs Planontwikkeling B.V., architectural firm MIES Architectuur, and ecological consultancy Hollandsgroen. This multidisciplinary approach ensures that the development aligns with local environmental goals and community aspirations, fostering a harmonious integration with its surroundings.

Looking ahead, Panattoni explores opportunities for sustainable energy production in collaboration with the Eeserwold business park, contemplating the potential production of green hydrogen—a clean and renewable energy source.

Additionally, the building boasts access to a sustainable cooling water network, providing a competitive advantage for companies requiring refrigerated storage facilities. Strategically situated along the A32, Panattoni Park Steenwijk offers seamless connectivity to the northern provinces, the German border, and the broader European hinterland, enhancing its appeal as a strategic logistics hub.

The Panattoni Park Steenwijk initiative epitomizes a holistic approach to real estate development, integrating principles of wellness, sustainability, and community engagement into its core design. By prioritizing employee health and environmental stewardship, Panattoni sets a new standard for workplace environments, demonstrating a commitment to fostering thriving and sustainable communities.

In conclusion, the Panattoni Park Steenwijk project represents a paradigm shift in real estate development, where considerations of wellness and sustainability are seamlessly integrated into the fabric of the built environment.

Through collaboration with stakeholders and a forward-thinking approach to design, Panattoni exemplifies the potential for real estate to not only meet the needs of occupants but also to enhance their quality of life and contribute to a more sustainable future.

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