Leading Aerospace Firm Relocates Headquarters to CTPark Budapest Ecser

FL Technics Expands Aircraft Services at CTPark Budapest Ecser: A Strategic Move for Sustainable Growth

CTP has recently finalized a significant long-term lease agreement, securing 5,590 square meters of multifunctional space within the CTPark Budapest Ecser logistics park.

The lessee, FL Technics, headquartered in Vilnius, is a prominent global provider of aircraft maintenance, repair, and overhaul (MRO) services. In addition to the expansive logistics area, the lease encompasses 270 square meters designated for office use and a further 190 square meters allocated for servicing facilities.

The decision to lease within the CTPark Budapest Ecser stems from its exceptional versatility, catering to a diverse array of operational requirements. Notably, the leased space not only accommodates warehousing and logistics functions but also provides the infrastructure necessary for production activities.

The ECS1 building, chosen by FL Technics, aligns seamlessly with the company’s standards for technical prowess and infrastructure, incorporating cutting-edge technology solutions integral to their operations.

Central to the successful conclusion of this lease agreement is CTP’s unwavering commitment to adaptability, ensuring the fulfillment of tenant requirements to the highest standards.

This flexibility exhibited by CTP reflects its overarching ethos of operational excellence, resonating with its ongoing endeavors marked by relentless momentum.

Indeed, CTP remains steadfast in its pursuit of expansion, operating under the maxim of ‘full-speed,’ with a strategic vision aimed at attaining 2 million square meters of property holdings in Hungary by the year 2026.

“We take immense pride in our enduring rental partnership with FL Technics, a testament to our commitment to delivering comprehensive services to our clientele. Our logistics infrastructure, crafted to global standards, alongside our supplementary services and versatile warehouses, bolsters our market leadership and enhances our competitive edge.

Welcoming FL Technics, a global heavyweight, to Hungary’s CTPark Budapest Ecser logistics park is a significant milestone,” remarked Dr. Ferenc Gondi, Managing Director of CTP Hungary.

FL Technics, operating independently, specializes in aircraft maintenance, repair, and overhaul services worldwide, prioritizing the cultivation of enduring, sustainable alliances. The expansion project for FL Technics’ Wheels & Brakes solutions in Hungary epitomize this dedication to sustainability.

Our newly established facility strategically situates us near key aviation hubs, enabling us to elevate services for regional airlines while mitigating CO2 emissions.

Furthermore, we steadfastly uphold Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) principles across all facets of our operations. This expansion not only underscores our sustainability commitment but also heralds job opportunities and the nurturing of valuable industry collaborations,” emphasized Zilvinas Lapinskas, CEO of FL Technics.

The expansion initiatives undertaken by FL Technics have emerged as a pivotal driver for the advancement of domestic aviation within Hungary, whilst simultaneously catalyzing the establishment of novel partnerships throughout Hungary and the broader Central and Eastern European (CEE) region. Leveraging Hungary’s strategic geographical position, FL Technics is poised for further growth and expansion.

Notably, the company has played a pivotal role in bolstering the operational capabilities of Wizz Air, among other key players in the aviation industry, by furnishing them with comprehensive solutions tailored to optimize the performance of their aircraft fleets, particularly those operating within the United Kingdom.

Prior to finalizing its operational base, FL Technics embarked on an exhaustive assessment of various potential sites across Hungary. This comprehensive evaluation process culminated in the selection of CTPark Budapest Ecser as the most optimal location for the company’s burgeoning operations.

The decision was underpinned by the unrivaled amenities and infrastructure offered by CTP’s logistics parks, which are characterized by their adherence to stringent technical standards. These facilities seamlessly align with FL Technics’ overarching commitment to fostering a culture of flexibility, centered around the needs of its clientele, while simultaneously delivering top-tier services.

Situated east of Budapest in close proximity to Liszt Ferenc International Airport, CTPark Budapest Ecser occupies a strategic locale at the nexus of the M0 and M4 Highways, adjacent to the village of Ecser. Renowned for its exceptional geographical positioning, the region serves as a pivotal national and international hub, thus rendering it an ideal focal point for commercial endeavors.

Moreover, the Budapest agglomeration stands out as the preeminent economic powerhouse within Hungary, functioning as a critical nexus facilitating seamless connections between Hungary and the broader European and global economies.

FL Technics’ strategic alignment with CTPark Budapest Ecser is emblematic of its unwavering commitment to strategic expansion and operational excellence within the CEE region.

By leveraging the unparalleled amenities and logistical infrastructure offered by CTP, FL Technics is poised to further enhance its operational efficiencies while fortifying its position as a leading provider of aviation solutions within Hungary and beyond.

The symbiotic partnership between FL Technics and CTPark Budapest Ecser underscores the synergistic potential inherent in strategic collaborations aimed at harnessing the collective strengths of industry leaders to drive sustained growth and innovation within the aviation sector.

As FL Technics continues to chart its trajectory of expansion and diversification, its strategic alliance with CTPark Budapest Ecser serves as a testament to the transformative power of strategic partnerships in fostering enduring success within the dynamic landscape of the aviation industry.

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