Headline: NCC Awarded Contract to Deliver €17.4m Taatila Elementary School Expansion

NCC, a leading construction company, has secured an agreement with the City of Lieto to undertake the expansion of Taatila elementary school, incorporating a high school facility catering to approximately 500 students. The project, valued at approximately €17.4 million, underscores NCC’s commitment to delivering state-of-the-art educational infrastructure.

Project Overview: The expansion project involves the construction of a new two-story school building spanning approximately 8,000 square meters. Upon completion, the existing high school premises will be demolished, and the schoolyard will undergo redevelopment. The expanded facility will accommodate students from grades 7 through 9, providing modern and spacious learning environments.

Collaborative Planning and Design: Esa Lehmusvuori, Head of Department at NCC Building Nordics in western Finland, highlights the collaborative effort between NCC and the City of Lieto in designing a school that prioritizes functionality and promotes a healthy learning environment. The project’s planning and design phase has been meticulously executed, laying the groundwork for construction to commence.

Community Impact and Expectations: Jonas Nylund, Director of Technical Services at the City of Lieto, expresses anticipation for the project’s commencement, emphasizing the significance of enhanced educational facilities for the city. The expansion initiative aligns with the city’s vision to create more attractive and conducive learning spaces, fostering a positive impact on the community.

Timeline and Completion: Construction is set to commence in April 2024, with the project slated for completion in 2026. The timeline reflects NCC’s commitment to delivering the expansion project efficiently while adhering to the highest standards of quality and safety.

The Taatila elementary school expansion project epitomizes NCC’s dedication to excellence in construction and its contribution to shaping sustainable and innovative educational infrastructure for the benefit of future generations.

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Kiri Blakeley
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