CTP Unveils Its 16th Industrial and Logistics Park in Poland

CTP’s Inaugural Project in Podkarpackie: Unveiling CTPark Rzeszów

CTP embarks on the inaugural phase of constructing its premier manufacturing and logistics complex within the Podkarpackie region. Located in Rzeszów, this development comprises two facilities spanning an impressive leasable area of almost 50,000 square meters. Marking CTP’s 16th investment endeavor in Poland, the initial phase of the project is slated for completion by the third quarter of the current year.

Piotr Flugel, Country Construction Director and COO at CTP Poland, underscores the strategic significance of this venture, particularly amidst the evolving landscape of the Podkarpackie region. Formerly characterized as one of the smaller warehouse markets within the country, the region now witnesses burgeoning economic activity and an influx of multinational corporations, drawn to establish their logistical and production hubs here.

The introduction of CTPark Rzeszów reflects a proactive response to the persisting gap between demand and supply, aligning with the company’s overarching expansion objectives. Flugel elucidates, “We aim to establish a robust network of interconnected business parks across Poland. Presently, our investments span eight voivodeships.

The development of CTPark Rzeszów will encompass the construction of two additional buildings, boasting leasable areas of 16,200 and 33,400 square meters, respectively. We are currently commencing construction on the larger of the two structures.”

Referred to as the gateway to Eastern Europe, Podkarpackie emerges as a focal point for industrial and logistics growth, owing to its robust economic potential. Situated at the nexus of major north-south and east-west transport arteries, the region assumes strategic importance.

Projections indicate Rzeszów, the capital of the Podkarpackie Voivodeship, as a pivotal transshipment hub, particularly in the context of Ukraine’s reconstruction, positioning it as a key city within Central and Eastern Europe.

Cushman & Wakefield’s data from Q4 2023 reveals that the manufacturing and warehouse inventory within the province stands at 515,000 square meters, with approximately 75 percent concentrated in the Rzeszów area, particularly its northeastern precincts such as Jasionka and Dworzysko. Notably, the vacancy rate in the Subcarpathian region registers at a mere 1.7 percent, marking one of the lowest figures among all regional markets in Poland as of the previous year’s end.

CTP’s decision to invest in Rzeszów fills me with immense pride. It signifies a significant vote of confidence in our city’s potential and attractiveness on the global stage. This investment not only contributes to the development of Rzeszów but also underscores its emergence as a favored destination for international investors, fostering economic growth and, notably, job creation.

As Rzeszów gains prominence and allure, the establishment of CTP’s industrial and logistics park in the city’s north-western quadrant, the economic nucleus, marks a pivotal moment.

The strategic location of CTPark Rzeszów is paramount. Nestled within the city’s economic hub, it offers unparalleled connectivity, with easy access to both the S19 expressway, a crucial segment of the Via Carpatia international route bridging northern and southern Europe, and the A4 motorway, a vital artery stretching towards Germany.

The warehouse, towering at a height of 12 meters, is meticulously designed to cater to the needs of modern logistics and production operations. Featuring loading docks equipped with hydraulic lifts and skylights adorning 12.5% of the area, the facility prioritizes efficiency and sustainability.

In line with contemporary standards, the complex boasts a sophisticated DALI lighting system, ensuring optimal illumination, while heat pumps power the heating system, enhancing energy efficiency. Tenants will benefit from an intelligent metering system, affording them continuous oversight to regulate and optimize utility consumption.

Moreover, the building’s infrastructure is primed for the integration of photovoltaic panels, aligning with the commitment to harness renewable energy sources and mitigate environmental impact.

Mayor Konrad Fijołek underscores the significance of enhancing connectivity within the industrial zone, emphasizing the city’s dedication to fortifying existing infrastructure. Plans for a major road investment, linking Warszawska Street to the industrial precincts, are underway, with external funding secured amounting to PLN 250 million (approximately €58 million). Spanning over five kilometers, this initiative not only bolsters Rzeszów’s infrastructure but also augments accessibility, facilitating seamless transportation links to vital motorways.

The symbiotic relationship between urban development and industrial growth is evident in Rzeszów’s trajectory. The forthcoming road infrastructure investment not only caters to the needs of the city but also aligns with the requirements of businesses operating within the zone. It exemplifies a proactive approach towards fostering an environment conducive to economic prosperity and sustainable development.

CTP’s investment serves as a testament to Rzeszów’s evolving landscape, characterized by dynamism and innovation. By leveraging its strategic location and robust infrastructure, the city continues to attract esteemed international entities, cementing its position as a hub for investment and opportunity. The establishment of CTPark Rzeszów signifies more than just the construction of a warehouse; it epitomizes a collaborative effort towards realizing a vision of progress and prosperity for the city and its inhabitants.

The decision by CTP to invest in Rzeszów heralds a new chapter in the city’s growth story. With a focus on enhancing connectivity, fostering sustainability, and promoting economic vitality, this initiative embodies the collective aspirations of Rzeszów’s stakeholders. As the city continues to evolve and thrive, fueled by investments such as these, its allure as a destination for international investment and economic prosperity only continues to strengthen.

The investment’s advanced technical specifications will be complemented by various solutions aimed at enhancing the day-to-day comfort of manufacturing and warehouse professionals. Translucent panels with a solar transmittance of up to 55 percent will adorn the building facades, while façade sandwich panels featuring a mineral wool core will offer added fire resistance.

Moreover, at least 6 percent of the parking spaces will be equipped with electric car charging stations, with the potential to expand this infrastructure to cover 20 percent of the parking area. Continuous monitoring of the development site will be ensured through a closed-circuit television (CCTV) system.

The two buildings comprising CTPark Rzeszów will offer a diverse range of spaces and modules tailored to the needs of our prospective tenants across various business sectors.

Initially, the smallest units will span 4,000 square meters, with subsequent phases of the complex introducing further diversification in available space. Our experience in constructing urban warehouses in the Silesian agglomeration underscores the significant demand for high-quality, smaller-sized modules.

These modules are sought after not only by local enterprises but also by international corporations gradually establishing their presence in Poland, with future expansion potential aligned with market demand.

As the long-term owner of all projects in our portfolio, we’re committed to fulfilling these requirements, explains Łukasz Tomczyk, Business Developer at CTP Poland.

“Rzeszów’s strategic location, along with its continuously developing road, rail, and aviation infrastructure, coupled with a favorable business climate, is increasingly attracting investment from the manufacturing and logistics sectors.

The city is becoming a preferred destination for entrepreneurs, not only within highly developed industries such as aviation, IT, electromechanical, automotive, chemical, and pharmaceutical, but also due to the presence of the military industry and the demand it generates for services and goods. With a skilled workforce and proximity to receptive markets, Rzeszów’s appeal is further enhanced, particularly in light of the conflict in Ukraine and the subsequent reconstruction needs.

These factors collectively position the Rzeszów region as a prime destination for prospective businesses in this part of Europe,” explains Magdalena Muszyńska, Negotiator at Cushman & Wakefield.

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