Bringing the Essence of Emmy-Nominated TV Shows like ‘The Bear’ and ‘Succession’ into Your Home

As the anticipation builds for the 75th Primetime Emmy® Awards, where TV enthusiasts eagerly await to see if their favorite shows will claim victory, there’s one aspect often overlooked amidst the stellar performances and gripping storylines: the stunning backdrops that set the stage for the drama.

Let’s be honest, part of the allure of watching “Succession” was admiring the luxurious penthouses and opulent mansions showcased throughout the series. And who could resist daydreaming about indulging in a stay at the lavish hotels featured in “The White Lotus”?

To celebrate these captivating settings, the talented designers at Houzz have utilized their innovative 3D floor plan tool to craft exquisite designs inspired by five of this year’s Emmy-nominated shows.

“Every aspect of these spaces, from the overarching style to the intricate details of the furniture, was meticulously selected to mirror the unique personalities of the main characters from these beloved series,” explains Madison Holmlund, a designer at Houzz.

Additionally, Houzz has curated a selection of product recommendations, allowing fans to recreate the look and feel of these fictional environments within their own homes. It’s a convenient way to capture the essence of your favorite show’s aesthetic with ease.

So, whether you were captivated by a gripping drama, enthralled by a compelling comedy, or enchanted by a riveting thriller, now you can pay homage to your beloved series by incorporating a touch of its distinctive style into your living space. Because even after the final episode airs, your admiration for the show can endure through your home’s decor.

Hulu’s acclaimed series “The Bear” has garnered an impressive 13 Emmy nominations, notably recognizing Jeremy Allen White’s portrayal of Carmy, an esteemed chef tasked with managing his late brother’s restaurant in Chicago.

The heart of the show lies within the bustling kitchen of Carmy’s restaurant, where culinary magic unfolds amidst the clatter of pots and pans. While not extravagantly adorned, the kitchen is meticulously designed to facilitate the demanding art of crafting Michelin-star-worthy dishes.

For those inspired by Carmy’s culinary domain, Houzz has meticulously curated a design that prioritizes sleek functionality. Emphasizing ample storage and top-of-the-line appliances, such as the ZLine Kitchen dual-fuel range ($6,500) and Summit stainless-steel refrigerator ($2,507), the kitchen exudes sophistication without sacrificing utility.

While these premium appliances may exceed some budgets, enthusiasts can still infuse their homes with the essence of “The Bear” through more affordable options. Consider adorning your walls with a bronze bear wall mount ($157) or incorporating stylish Rombass saddle seat bar stools (priced at a modest $74 each). A comprehensive selection of items can be found at the dedicated Houzz Shop.

Whether you aspire to emulate Carmy’s culinary prowess or simply admire the show’s aesthetic, incorporating elements of “The Bear” into your living space offers a tangible connection to the captivating world of the series.

HBO’s anthology series “The White Lotus” has captured the attention of Emmy voters with its compelling narrative set amidst the backdrop of an exotic resort. With each season featuring a new locale and cast of characters, the latest installment unfolds at the prestigious San Domenico Palace Hotel in Sicily, garnering an impressive 23 Emmy nominations this year.

For enthusiasts eager to recreate the luxurious ambiance of “The White Lotus” in their own homes, Houzz offers a curated selection of items inspired by the opulent resort bathrooms featured prominently in the series. Renowned for their indulgent spa amenities and sleek aesthetics, these bathrooms epitomize modern luxury with floating vanities, such as the MOD Beacon bathroom vanity with a double sink in natural oak ($1,733), exuding sophistication and functionality.

To infuse a touch of elegance into your own bathroom oasis, consider adding the Nearly Natural Dracaena artificial plant ($143) for a touch of greenery that adds visual interest and ambiance. Additionally, the Linon Anna Campaign accent stool with black metal legs and rope detail ($130) serves as a stylish and practical addition to any space.

Explore the Houzz Store for a comprehensive selection of items to transform your bathroom into a sanctuary reminiscent of the lavish settings depicted in “The White Lotus.”

“Ted Lasso,” the heartwarming comedy series on Apple TV, has garnered an impressive 21 Emmy nominations, including a nod for Jason Sudeikis, who embodies the infectiously optimistic American football coach thrust into the world of British professional soccer.

In homage to the beloved character Ted Lasso, the designers at Houzz have crafted the perfect living room setting for a coach and his friends to gather, watch the game, and enjoy some refreshments. The rendering showcases timeless and comfortable seating arrangements, ideal for long hours of sports viewing. While white furniture may seem impractical, rest assured that all items are specially treated and stain-resistant for durability.

To recreate the inviting atmosphere of Ted’s living room, consider investing in the cozy Caracole base club chairs ($1,685), essential for any sports enthusiast’s viewing experience. However, the standout piece in the room is the iconic “Believe” sign, priced at a mere $23. This inspirational accent adds character to any space and serves as a thoughtful housewarming gift. Whether placed above the doorway or adorning a wall, this sign embodies the spirit of Ted Lasso and his unwavering positivity.

Explore the Ted Lasso Houzz Shop for more inspired decor and accessories that capture the essence of this beloved character and his uplifting message of belief.

Netflix’s “Addams Family” spinoff, “Wednesday,” has made quite the impression, earning 12 Emmy nominations in its debut season. Among the nominees is Jenna Ortega, who portrays the iconic character Wednesday Addams as she navigates her parents’ Gothic alma mater.

In the series, Wednesday finds herself sharing a dorm room with her polar opposite roommate, Enid Sinclair, whose love for pastel unicorns clashes starkly with Wednesday’s dark and brooding aesthetic. It’s a decorating dilemma familiar to many parents with kids sharing a room.

To address this clash of styles, the designers at Houzz have ingeniously devised a solution that allows both Wednesday and Enid to express their individual tastes without sacrificing harmony.

How to achieve the look? Start with the striking Amorette five-light antique black candle-style crystal chandelier by Edvivi Lighting ($189), which serves as a focal point and complements both the dark and whimsical elements of the room. For beds, the Bowery Hill traditional metal twin spindle beds ($265) offer versatility, allowing each character to personalize their space with unique bedding that reflects their personality.

Area rugs play a crucial role in defining separate zones within the room. Consider the Safavieh Adirondack area rugs ($39–$580), available in various sizes and colors. Opt for ivory and beige for Enid’s side and silver and black for Wednesday’s, creating distinct yet cohesive areas.

Explore the Houzz Shop for additional pieces that capture the essence of both Wednesday’s brooding aesthetic and Enid’s colorful flair, ensuring a harmonious dorm room that celebrates individuality.

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